1. Buyer Representation

We help you through every aspect of buying a home.  Your first or your 50th.  Prequalifying, finding a lender, finding a home, writing a contract, negotiating price and terms, arranging the details associated with closing a loan and picking up keys.  When you are ready to start, we are too!

2. Seller Representation

We stay tuned in to today's changing market.  We keep information at our fingertips that helps price properties right.  Want to know what your house is worth?  We'll give you accurate not "pie in the sky" conversation.  We have experience working with shortsales and foreclosures.  We take the task of selling properties seriously.

3. BPO's / CMA's

Broker Price Opinions and Comparative Market Analyses.  We have been assisting lenders and homewoners with values for over 40 years.  We have been working in the BPO business since 2001.  We do exterior drive-by valuations and interior market analyses for numerous lenders.  We can help you find the right value for your property.

4. Foreclosure & Asset Mgmt​

Our foreclosure team has a proven track record since 2001 as one of the premier foreclosure specialist in the Metro area.  Covering Omaha, Bellevue, Fremont and Lincoln for vendors such as FreddieMac, HUD, Chase and other local banking institutions.  The team is ready to assist you in getting inventory ready for market and on the the closing table.

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